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Theosophical Society members had been involved in the League of Nations Union (LNU) since its began in 1918. The League of Nations itself was not formed until 1920.


In 1929 a Theosophical Branch of the League of Nations Union was formed in 1929 and several Lodge had their own branch and organized events. The annual report in 1930 reports that an International Song Recital was held at the Cardiff Branch with contributions from Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Hungary, Spain, England and Wales. The meeting was conclude with a talk entitled “When West Meets East” by Rev. E J Allen Ph.D.



The League of Nations Union


The League of Nations Union was formed on October 13, 1918 by the joining of the League of Nations Society with the Free Nations Society. The League of Nations Society began in 1916 with the purpose of examining the forms of international organization that would be possible at the end of WWI. It lobbied for an agreement among countries that would serve as a basis for permanent peace by providing for settlement of disputes, mutual defense, and the observance of international treaties.


The League of Nations Union was from the beginning a highly influential

organization, unlike its predecessors, with an imposing list of supporters. It

became one of the most influential peace organizations yet known in Great

Britain. The League's purpose was to win public support for the League of

Nations by educating the public about it, and by helping to make practical its

aims. It maintained a large office in London, and a corps of organizers and

speakers toured the country. In addition, its propaganda was distributed to

nearly every school, church, social and political group possible.


The peak of the League's activity was represented by the Peace Ballot of 1935,

when voters were asked to vote on five issues, the most important being those

concerning international disarmament and collective security. Over 11 million

people participated in the ballot, expressing an unmistakable desire for

peaceful negotiation of international differences. The results of the Peace

Ballot were publicized worldwide.


The influence of the League waned during WWII, and in 1946 it merged into the

already formed United Nations Association of Great Britain. Previously the

League had been a member of the International Federation of League of Nations

Societies, which had its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


Theosophical participation continued up to and during World War II and branches became part of the United Nations Union after 1946. Activity is known to have continued into the 1950s.


The tradition is still alive in Welsh Theosophy but nowadays interests are more diverse and members have wider range of international organizations to support.



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