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Letter to Welsh Theosophists

As Britain Stands Alone, June 1940


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This letter was sent by General Secretary, Peter Freeman to all Members of the TS in Wales.


June 1st 1940


My Dear Fellow Member,


The World Crisis


I have never had any doubt in my own mind that the struggle through which humanity is passing at the present time can only bring about a corresponding subsequent wave of of progress in due course, and that the lessons that we are learning can only be learnt by the bitter experience from which the world is now suffering.


For those who berlieve in the reign of law, who have trust in the guidance of the Inner Government of the world, who have some knowledge of Karma and the workings of reincarnation, such a time is one of unique interest and paramount importance. It is certainly no time for doubt, depression, anxiety or fear. It is a time when many are suffering acutely, mentally as well as physically, and still many more may suffer, but no-one is allowed to suffer more than he can reasonably bear or that he himself has not been the initial cause. The opportunities and the progress of Humanity as a whole, however, are the outstanding characteristics of the present situation in the world.


One has only to see the events of the past week, when, at a time of national crisis, after a century of struggle in Great Britain to secure a fair deal for all. The control of vested interests, and the nationalization of the essentials of life for the benefit of the community were al secured by a single Act of Parliament, and the Bill passed through its stages in both Houses of Parliament and sealed by H.M. The King, in less than two and a half hours, with an absolute unanimous vote, and has secured universal approbation.


Perhaps it may be, who knows? that the world will make some similar effort, and a new basis and relationship of all human beings may be established. It is in such a world crisis that such great events are brought about. What will that new basis be? Slavery, Degradation, Force, Brutality, or the ideals of universal brotherhood, Justice and understanding?


That has still to be settled, but the Theosophical Society has been struggling for sixty-five years to secure the recognition and realization of its ideals. Shall we falter in this effort now? Shall we be indolent or thoughtless? Remember the story of the ten wise and ten foolish virgins, and prepare the oil for the lamp, that the world may see when it awakes from this hour of darkness.


NOW is the supreme moment for all who are fighting on the side of the shining forces of the White Brotherhood against the dark forces of selfishness, treachery and brutality, to put forth all their efforts to the full. We may little realize the power and the potency of our thoughts and sacrifice when directed for the benefit of Humanity.


Let us go forward with courage and renewed effort in our Theosophical work, realizing something of our responsibilities, and eager to render our services, however humble, in this time of the worlds need.


With cordial greetings and every good wish,


Fraternally yours,




General Secretary.


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