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“Let the Light Shine”

Message of Hope 1932


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This message of hope from General Secretary, Peter Freeman was included in the 1932 annual report. At this time Wales was suffering badly from the Economic Depression. He refers to “social, political and financial disquiet” themes which occur regularly in his messages throughout the 1930s. Peter also urges a greater emphasis on the social side of the Society with our Lodges being more than intellectual talking shops.




The days are still dark, the future uncertain, and the world depressed by social, political and financial disquiet. But our duty as Theosophists , as Lightbringers to the world is “TO SHINE.” Not with personal ambition, not with grandiose superiority, but with quiet patience and serene confidence that the teachings of Theosophy when rightly understood and rightly applied will remove the mists of selfishness, greed and bigotry, that are causing the present World unrest and the sufferings of many hungry Souls.


Each one of us must ever strive to be more worthy channels thro’ which the influence of Theosophy can better reach the world, giving according to the needs of the recipient, helping according to the requirement of the helped, serving according to the claims of him who is served.


Our Lodges should thus gradually become centres which are known by their friendliness to the friendless, by their sympathy with the unsympathetic, and their understanding of the misunderstood. Lodges are not merely places where a crowd can be “lectured at” once a week because they have nowhere else to go or where theoretical arguments are carried on under the guise of a “Study Class” but active, radiating focuses of Light and Love.


During the Centenary year of our great founders, let us learn to develop and extend our Theosophical activities to become a greater blessing and an ever increasing joy to all those in need throughout the area of our jurisdiction.


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