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Mission to Europe 1939


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It is reported in the 1939 Annual Report of the Theosophical Society in Wales, dated July 1st, that Peter Freeman, in his capacity as General Secretary, had presided over National congresses and conventions in Rumania, Hungary and Ireland and had also visited Theosophists in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia where it is confirmed that Theosophical activities had now practically ceased. It is also said that Peter had been instrumental in obtainingpositions in other countries for these Theosophists.


The brief resume given in the report gives only a slight hint at the truth. It became known after Peter Freemanís death in 1956 that, at great personal risk to himself, he had made many visits to Nazi Germany and the annexed countries between 1933 and 1939 to assist people in danger of persecution to escape.


Theosophical business provided a good cover story for these visits but by 1939 with the cessation of Theosophical activities in Germany and Austria and a very difficult situation in the now occupied Czechoslovakia, Peter had to visit several other countries en route to maintain his cover. The report refers to help for Theosophists in obtaining positions in other countries but in reality the majority of those helped in this way were not Theosophists and nearly all came to Britain.





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